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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 3rd World Congress on Healthcare & Health Economics Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Day 1 :

Conference Series Health Economics 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Guilherme Santos Crespo photo

Guilherme Santos Crespo has completed his MBA in Health Business Management from Foundation Pedro Leopoldo/Foundation UNIMED and MBA in Public Health Management from Foundation Fiocruz. He is the Director of Health Provision at UNIMED Vitória, a premier Health Plan Cooperative in the private sector. He is also the President of the Technical Council of Instituto Unimed and the Cheif of Research and Innovation Sector at EBSERH/HUCAM. UNIMED Vitória has won several national prices on management care, innovation and governance and represents an important cooperative to the Brazilian cooperative system.


The objective of this study is to analyze patients with cronic disease condition at Unimed Vitória who attended the cronic patients management program (PGC) and the Unimed Vitória’s home care assistance program (ADUVI) that were developed by Unimed Vitória since January 2012. Th e intention was the analysis of the care cost behavior of the patients through the months along and the savings obtained to Unimed Vitória. The stratified period of each patient was the same, 6 (six) months before the entrance of the patient to the program up to 18 (eighteen) months after the entry date. For the PGC 1.707 patients were analysed and for the ADUVI 351 patients were analysed. Aft er the data analysis it was verified a significantly cost saving to Unimed Vitória, with a care cost reduction of the attending patients, from PGC and ADUVI, both. In PGC the bigger care cost reduction was noted at a value of R$ 4.702.519,92 (29,92%) in the study applied from 6 months before the entrance to the program and 6 months after. And in ADUVI the care cost reduction noted was R$ 13.508.785,23 (65,42%) in the analysis of the patients measured between the period of 6 months before the entry date in the program and the third trimester after (from 13º month to the 18º month). This way, it was proved that PGC and ADUVI helps the care cost reduction of the patients and, therefore, to the cost saving creation for Unimed Vitória representing thus, as an important practice in health management.

Break: Networking & Refreshment Break 11:20-11:35 @ Pre Function Area